Noir Meets Horror In Jacques Tourneur’s Curse Of The Demon

With a name like Curse Of The Demon, I thought I was in for another typical dose of campy costumes and screaming ingénues. I didn’t even bother to check who wrote or directed it before I began watching it. Within the first few minutes, it distinguished itself as something more interesting than your standard low-budget horror flick. Little did I know I was watching a Jacques Tourneur production. Tourneur is perhaps most famous for his film Cat People (1942). Tourneur worked with producer and screenwriter Val Lewton making dozens of cheap horror films for RKO Pictures. Together They made such films as I Walked With a Zombie and The Leopard Man. As they were genre films they were never taken very seriously but in later years Tourneur was rediscovered by critics and reevaluated as a director of note.



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