Dog Eat Dog: A Review

No opening credits, no atmospheric music to lead us in, just a sudden blare of wild jazz and the screen goes from black to Jane Mansfield in a babydoll nighty making love to a pile of money. Before you can absorb this abrupt vision of zaftig sex and capitalism the scene cuts to a man in a speeding convertible. He’s got a cigar and a gun and is careening through some European city somewhere, chasing a breathless man through the streets. The first five minutes of the film is a series of crosscuts between lovely Jane writhing on the bed and the cigar chomping man laughing maniacally as he chases down his victim. While the montage plunges ahead the credits begin. The film is called Dog Eat Dog.



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I have an MFA in painting and I’m an art professor but I managed to convince my school to let me teach film. My website